Practice Makes Perfect

We are in the early stages of prototype development, and as a result we are not yet ready to reveal our product plan. However, we are confident that our technology will work. And at every step in the process, we remain keenly focused on what it will take to be successful. We want solar to win. You see, even with the rapid growth of the industry, solar is currently only projected to provide 0.1% of the US electrical energy supply by 2010, as shown in the pie charts below. Why is the forecasted supply so small? Because solar is too expensive today! We plan to change that, and as soon as our prototyping work enables, we will shed some more light on our product plans.

US Electrical Demand By SourceUS Renewable Energy Demand By Source
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Focus, Focus, Focus

We are focused on bringing the right technology into the manufacturing process so that our products will not only be significantly cheaper than any existing solar energy capture devices, but will also enable solar to become immediately competitive with the cheapest of traditional electrical energy sources, with devices available in mass quantities as manufacturing operations are rapidly scaled. We also expect our products will offer additional benefits including lower cost and significantly lighter solar module assemblies. The prospects of these benefits, coupled with the potential for rapid growth of manufacturing capacity, are keeping us very excited at eVjump, where we are committed to providing the gift of power to the future.