We call this page “Competitor Alley.” Here we intend to provide periodic information on our competition and how their performance compares to what we will be bringing to market. For starters, let’s take a look at some manufacturing utilization data for market leaders in the solar industry today, and compare that data to utilization levels made possible with eVjump technology.

Manufacturing Space Utilization - The Key Enabler

Being able to produce solar energy capture devices on a recurring basis at low cost is important, but if the solar industry is really going to take off, it is vital that costly manufacturing space is efficiently utilized. One measure of utilization is annual production capacity divided by manufacturing space. A useful term for this measure is kilowatts per square foot. The following chart shows forecast manufacturing space utilization figures of two market leading solar energy companies and is based on recent public announcements by these companies on new or expanded facilities and their projected annual production capacities. The companies, labeled as Thin-Film Company A and Thin-Film Company B, are both market leaders in solar energy manufacturing today.

PV Solar Manufacturing Space Utilization
Using the same approach, we calculated the expected utilization of eVjump manufacturing space when our breakthrough technology is implemented in the production environment. We expect to achieve a 5x or greater improvement in utilization vs current state of the art capability. At eVjump, we believe this expected manufacturing utilization is the key to enabling rapid and inexpensive growth of solar energy.

Stated another way, one of these market leaders highlights their ability to manufacture a module of “less than 100 watts” in under 3 hours manufacturing time. In contrast, a single manufacturing line employing our breakthrough technology is estimated to have a production capacity measured in kilowatts per hour, utilizing a lot less space, much less expensive equipment and less energy. The end result will be clean and affordable solar energy.